First commissions ever!

What you’ll be getting:

These will be doodle commissions, so simple little things! Anything from OC’s to characters to animals. They will be simple though, nothing complicated or very detailed. They will be in black and white, unless otherwise stated! And no backgrounds, except maybe a simple plain color. Payments will be made through PayPal.


Because they are just doodles, they will only be $1 ! I will be doing them in batches, as that will be easier. There will be 12 slots open at a time. I will let everyone know when they are filled. 

  • for one character $1
  • add characters $0.50 (limit three characters!)
  • to add flat color is extra $1
  • to add simple shading is $0.50
  • to have request drawn in binary tool (pixel) will be an extra $1.50

Things I WILL draw:

  • Original Characters and Fan Characters
  • Fictional Characters
  • Animals and critters and monsters
  • Guro, monster girls and guys, creatures
  • Pretty much anything!

Things I will NOT draw:

  • Really extreme porn (who would want doodle porn though that’d be silly)
  • Animal porn
  • Vore

Steps to order!

  1. Think of something neat
  2. send your request to at
  3. specify what you want, as well as reference photos
  4. after you are confirmed with a spot I will email you back and sort out payment
  5. if you want extra things on it that are not listed, we can discuss it and it’s pricing!

example email:

you: Hello! I would like to request a drawing of BBC’s Sherlock with a goat on his head! I’d like it in color with no shading. Thank you! 

me: Hi! Thanks for commissioning me! You will be put in slot 1. Your request comes out to $2.50

$1 for sherlock, $0.50 for the goat, $1 for flat color

Please send your payment to ____ and I will get started on it ! c:

I reserve the right to refuse any request and I don’t have to explain myself and you’re not allowed to give me a guilt trip!

ALSO! If for some reason I am unable to complete your request, due to complications/etc I will let you know asap and refund if need be!

examples of art:

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Feel free to reblog to signal boost! c:

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