hey look a comparison whoa dang

1ish month of no pulling! I’ve had some slip ups (mostly the last few days) but so far so good!

I’m cautiously thinking about going to work/school this friday with no wig, which I haven’t done in seven years wowee

  1. glubglubproductionstudio said: oh my god woah good job it looks so good and beautiful congrats you’re fab :)
  2. bocla said: That actually looks really badass.
  3. rindiddle said: man ur such a hottie ; u ; and omg it looks sO GOOD I’m gonna kiss u so bad I’m so proud of you omg ; A ;
  4. safetyfifth said: i wish i could like this more than once
  5. ottenskjold said: man you’re pretty!
  6. bacoose said: Damn! Looking good!
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